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Reddit SEO (Top Posts in r/SEO)

These are the top posts right now on the SEO Subreddit of Reddit.com.

  • by /u/Icy-Design-8307
    I run a small tile company and the website suck. I am trying to make a new website and get into e-commerce. Any recommendation for easy to build website that is […]
  • by /u/That1TimeWeGamed
    The current state of the legal profession is such that seemingly 90% or more of all new clients come from google maps. Consequently, everyone in the profession is competing to to […]
  • by /u/FlyingRuzzo
    I’m looking to start an marketing agency here soon, I like to write/create content & it would probably be best for me to on-board an Off-Page SEO specialist first, how exactly […]
  • by /u/statusclaims
    Ok so i own a business and have a GMB profile. I have built it up to make enough money each month for bills and savings, i feel i can rank […]
  • by /u/dytele
    What should something like this cost? ​ Site replatform and design refresh: To be done over 6 weeks Mobile first design Consistent logo use across the site Includes: 4 page template […]
  • by /u/RecLeagueHero24
    I'm looking for some new things to do internally for my client's websites and I want to ensure I've covered everything. So what are your guy's internal SEO checklist of all […]
  • by /u/SnooSquirrels598
    Two weeks ago I published a blog on a clients website. Today I checked the url on the URL inspection section on Google Search Console. I received the following message- URL […]
  • by /u/Le_Jacob
    I use Google business profiles to get most of my service based businesses’ work. My profiles tick all the boxes (and do very well!) though my website doesn’t rank great. It’s […]
  • by /u/niphaedrus
    I am currently operating on a .at (austria) domain for sales all over the world. For our core markets, I would like to get the local domain: .de & .com. I […]
  • by /u/Top_Hyena4902
    I'm running my site through screaming frog and alot of 404s stem from removed media from my site that have obviously been crawled as their own pages. What's the best way […]

These are the latest general trends in the UK right now.

BBC Top News

The top news stories across the BBC right now.

These are the latest UK Google Trends for today. These aren’t specific to any kind of niche and haven’t been filtered, so what you see is what is trending based on all activity on Google in the UK.

Google Trends is a tool that shows you how frequently search terms are entered into Google. You can see how popular a website, keyword, or hashtag is over time and in different countries. You can also see how a keyword ranks in Google search results, and how this changes over time.

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google that shows how often a particular search-term is entered into Google from globally throughout country specific. The Google Trends also shows the peak popularity of a term in the history of the company, in the country specific, and in specific regions.

There are various ways to use Google Trends:

  1. Search for terms that you’re interested in. The search results will show you how popular that term is globally, over time, and across countries and regions.
  2. You can also see which terms are popular in specific countries or regions by refining your search.
  3. You can see how interest in a topic has changed over time by viewing the line chart creation date chart).

The word “trending” has been used as a way of describing what’s hot in society for centuries. Whether we’re discussing societal fads, cultural movements, or clothing and hairstyles, the word “trending” has always had some bearing on how people view things.

In the 21st century, the meaning of this word is changing — and fast. With the advent of social media and internet usage having such a profound effect on our everyday lives, it seems only natural that “trending” would take on a new meaning when it comes to things like internet memes and hashtags.

Add that to the fact that trends stay relevant for shorter periods of time (as we see less about fashion remaining “in vogue” for decades) and it becomes pretty obvious why this word has taken on a new meaning in our current digital world.

Let’s start by looking at the definition of trending. It’s pretty simple. To trend is to be at the forefront of a particular movement or action.

When we were discussing trends in the ‘90s, we were discussing things like what was hot in fashion or what was popular on the radio. Now, we’re talking about internet memes and hashtags.

Things that come and go quickly. Things that don’t necessarily remain relevant for years at a time. Trending has simply become a way of describing what’s being talked about the most in the digital realm right now.

What has caused the meaning of trending to change? It’s pretty simple, really. There are a number of reasons why the word trending has taken on a different meaning in the 21st century. We’ll cover some of those reasons here.

The Internet is Driving Change and Continual Motion

It’s obvious, really. The internet allows us to view trends from all over the world in real-time. And it has its own way of doing things. There are no set rules when it comes to what trends in the digital world.

Trends come and go quickly, and they change based on where in the world you happen to be located at any given moment. This is driving a change in the way we view the word trending.

Social Media is Driving Change and Continual Motion

Social media has also altered the way we view trends. These platforms allow us to get quick hits of information. We read the headlines, click on them if they interest us, and then we’re on to the next headline. Social media has created a world where there is no time to dwell on things.

The headlines are short, and there’s not a lot of room for detail. As a result, these headlines are more focused on grabbing your attention quickly and making you want to click on them. In many cases, these headlines are built around buzzwords and hashtags.

There are a number of factors that come into play here.

Shorter Periods of Time

As we’ve discussed in some of the previous points, shorter periods of time are having an impact on the way we view trends. Cultural movements and fads are lasting a shorter amount of time. This is likely due to the fact that information is being delivered to us more quickly.

Cultural movements that have a widespread acceptance are likely to last as long as they do because they’re accepted by a lot of people across different cultures and parts of the world. Trends that are accepted by a large group of people tend to last longer.

The Internet is Making Things Fly By Fast

The internet is making things fly by fast. This is true of just about everything in the digital world — especially trends and what’s “popular” online.

We’re receiving information faster and faster, and that’s having an effect on how we view trending. Social media trends tend to be quick to ignite, and they die just as quickly.

We may see a hashtag trend for a couple of days, but then it’s gone. New hashtags are being created and shared by millions of different people around the world in real-time. There’s no doubt about it — trends are flying by quickly in the digital world.

Social Media is Driving Change and Continual Motion

Social media is driving change and continual motion. This is especially true when it comes to trends and topics that are being discussed on social media. We see this in action all the time.

For example, a hashtag or topic may start out with a certain meaning, but then it changes. This happens often, and it happens quickly.

As soon as one group of people start discussing a topic, others jump in and change the meaning of the topic completely. This is having an effect on the way we view trending, and it’s creating a more fluid system.


Trending has always been a way of discussing what’s trendy. But the word trending has taken on a new meaning in the 21st century.

The internet has brought us closer to the rest of the world, and it has also created a more fluid system when it comes to trends and what’s being discussed online.

Now, trending simply means that something is being talked about the most in the digital realm.

Trends come and go quickly, and they change quickly as well — making it important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending.

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